Welcome to K-1 Team Security

We are a Personal and Property protection company (Ltd).Our head office is in Szigetszentmiklós but we are available all around in Hungary. Our corporation had founded in 2010 as a personal and property protection provider. The activity of the company focuses on personal and property protection. We secure communal and private events, establishments, protection of people.

The company disposes with technical equipments and well trained professional staff to the connecting tasks. We work on permanent and temporary projects. We have great professional experience in protection of people and establishments. We provide indoor and outdoor protection. We are able to set a guard almost everywhere. Personal transport and protection is available.

The CEO of the company is Norbert Szűcs. He has been working for 7 years at this position. He has 20 years of experience in combat sports and 10 years of experience in personal and property protection.

  • Possession Dispute Managemant

  • Private Investigation

  • Legal Guidance

  • Conciliatory Negotiations

If you need more information about us, do not hesitate just contact us.